2024 ALBUM ARTWORK OF THE YEAR | Nicolas Lemieux (Art Director), Mykaël Nelson (Designer & Illustrator) & Albert Zablit (Photographer) | | The JUNO Awards

Nicolas Lemieux

The album box set ”Histoire sans mots – Harmonium Symphonique”, earned them the JUNO for “Best album artwork of the year” in 2022. The artistic duo returned to work this year with the creation of the Riopelle Symphonic album box set, a tribute project developed with the participation of the estate of Jean-Paul Riopelle, as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous Quebec painter and sculptor. This luxurious box set features great works of art from globally celebrated Canadian Artist Riopelle along with a stylish illustrated bilingual biography of the master.

Mykaël Nelson

Mykaël Nelson is interested and invested in many forms of Art, including being a professional graphic designer, mostly for GSI Musique and Sphere Musique. He first studied architecture, where he discovered his passion for design. He then studied at Universite de Montreal in Industrial Design where he obtained his Bachelor Degree in 2007. His friendship with Nicolas Lemieux led him to design many music-related projects over the next 15 years, including: Serge Fiori, Diane Dufresne, and Harmonium Symphonique.

Albert Zablit

17 years of experience, complicity and trust with various industries – music, medical, aerospace – sum up Albert’s journey in photography. A native of Lebanon and a Montreal immigrant from a young age, he is multilingual, skilful, multidisciplinary and loves to converse for the pure pleasure of it.