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The CARAS Academy Delegate program is the chief organization for active members of the Canadian music industry. Our mission is to unify the Canadian music industry to ensure an industry-driven voting process. 

For an annual fee of $85 plus tax, Academy Delegates participate in the JUNO Awards nominating and voting process. Academy Delegates are also entitled to preferred JUNO Awards submission fees, preferred JUNO Awards Weekend Package rates, preferred JUNO Awards Weekend hotel rates, industry discounts, and retail benefits. 

In order to become a CARAS Academy Delegate, you must be actively working in the Canadian music industry and hold a Canadian birth certificate or are a Canadian Permanent Resident.  

Become a CARAS Academy Delegate

Become a CARAS Academy Delegate by submitting an application online.

Ensure your CARAS Academy Delegate account is in good standing to be an eligible round one voter before November 21, 2023.


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Become a CARAS Academy Delegate

Save up to 40% in JUNO Submissions by becoming an Academy Delegate. 

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