Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award - The JUNO Awards

Chip Sutherland’s journey began in Montreal, but it was in Belleville, Ontario, that he spent his formative years. Graduating with a BA from Trent University in 1985, he continued his academic pursuits at Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law in Halifax, obtaining his degree in 1988.

While carving his path as a commercial litigation specialist at Patterson Kitz, focusing on education law, Chip showcased his versatile talents as the drummer for the acclaimed east coast band “BlackPool” – named ECMA’s Pop Rock Artist of the year in 1990. Simultaneously, he co-authored the bestselling textbook “Teachers and the Law: A Practical Guide for Educators.”

In 1992, Chip entered the commercial music industry when he negotiated a record deal for Sloan with Geffen Records in Los Angeles. This marked the beginning of his managerial career, as he took on the management of Sloan and later co-managed The Rankin Family until their retirement. As the explosion of interest in Atlantic Canadian artists unfolded in the early ’90s, Chip found himself representing prominent bands like Jale, Thrush Hermit, Ashley MacIsaac, and Great Big Sea.  This soon spread to other artists across Canada such as Rheostatics and Spirit of the West.

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About The Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award

The Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award recognizes individuals whose work has significantly impacted the growth and development of the Canadian music industry. Named after legendary Canadian publisher and co-founder of the JUNO Awards, the award will be presented at the JUNO Opening Night Awards Presented by Music Canada on March 23, streamed live on CBC.