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Criteria That Crosses All Categories

For a list of criteria by category, visit Category Specific Criteria


With the exception of category 3 (International Album of the Year), all nominated artists must be Canadian.  Canadian is defined by CARAS to be:

  1. 50% or more of group members hold Canadian birth certificates, passports or are Canadian Permanent Resident(s) with residency in Canada during the last six months of the eligibility period; OR
  2. The group is deemed by CARAS, in it sole discretion, to be Canadian as a result of:
    • the Canadian member(s) receiving the majority of royalties, touring profits and other proceeds earned by the group; and
    • the Canadian member(s) being the creative force behind the group and/or the principal songwriters for the group. 

CARAS shall have sole discretion in applying the criteria above and determining whether the artist/group is Canadian.


  • Eligibility period is between September 1, 2018 and November 8, 2019.
  • Product must be released for national sale* (in stores or online for all Canadians to access) or via a recognized national music streaming provider**. The first available consumer access will be the release date for JUNO Award eligibility purposes. Product released (digital or physical) only internationally (not in Canada) outside of the eligibility period, may be eligible as long as Canadian release date falls within eligibility period.
  • *Product must be released nationally via brick and mortar stores or third-party online retailers.
  • **Product must be released via a nationally accessible streaming service that has paid subscriptions, full catalogue, or on-demand streaming. Eligible streaming services are
  • Canadian versions of Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Napster, Slacker, Soundcloud PRO, Spotify, Tidal.
  • “Release date” for CARAS eligibility purposes is defined as the date of first online transaction or stream. Albums available for pre-order online no later than November 8, 2019 will also qualify.  Pre-ordered online albums (digital or physical copies) will need to be available no later than November 22, 2019.  Proof of transaction may be requested. PLEASE NOTE: The online submission must still be completed by 11:59PM on the November 8 deadline day.
  • If an album’s release date falls within the eligibility period for two voting years in succession, it may be submitted both years but it may be nominated only once in the same category.


Non-genre category:  categories that are not tied to one genre.  These categories are: Artist of the Year (5), Group of the Year (6), Breakthrough Artist of the Year (7) and Breakthrough Group of the Year (8). 

Technical category: categories that are not tied to a specific genre and have a technical component. These categories are: Songwriter (9), Classical Composition (24), Producer (35), Recording Engineer (36), Album Artwork (37), and Music Video (38).

Crossover category:  a category representing the following: French language content, Indigenous ancestry, but may also fit into a different category based on musical sound. These categories are: Francophone (19), Indigenous Artist or Group (29) and Contemporary Christian/Gospel (33). 

Genre category:  a category that is a specific genre such as Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, etc. 

  • You may only make one submission in any of the genre categories (10-18, 20-23, 25-28, 30-32, 34 and 40-43).
  • You may make a submission in all the crossover categories if eligible (19, 29, 33).
  • You may only make one submission in categories 5-8.
  • You may make submissions in all the remaining categories if eligible (3-4, 9, 24, and 35-38).   


  • Albums containing previously released songs may qualify if a minimum of 50% of the album’s songs are considered to be “new.”   To be considered “new,” a song must be completely re-recorded (CARAS may require proof of the recording). Adding to existing instrumental or vocal tracks, or replacing instruments or vocals does not qualify as “new.”
  • This criteria may not apply to Breakthrough Artist and Breakthrough Group of the Year as previously released tracks may be eligible at CARAS’ discretion.
  • Live recordings or stripped down versions of the previously released songs are NOT eligible. 
  • If an album has been previously released and then re-released in a different language with the same musical arrangement it will NOT qualify.  


  • “Greatest Hits” packages are not eligible. Greatest hits packages are defined as albums containing over 50% of previously released original cuts. Live albums are eligible only if 50% or greater of the cuts are new (not previously released or newly arranged).  


  • Music which has been previously recorded but never released for consumption is only eligible provided it was recorded no longer than ten years prior to the current eligibility period (September 1, 2018 – November 8, 2019) and now available for national consumption during the current eligibility period. CARAS will have sole discretion in determining eligibility. 


  • Multi-artist compilation projects are NOT eligible. Projects that contain two or more artists performing individual tracks will not qualify. Projects with two or more artists performing together or collaborating as a group on 60% or more of the tracks are eligible. Tribute albums by multiple artists (various artists) are NOT eligible; however tribute albums by a single artist or multiple artists acting as a group or band are eligible. This criteria may also encompass TV/Movie Soundtracks.


  • TV and movie soundtracks are eligible provided a featured artist or band is performing on 60% of the tracks.


  • Live albums are eligible only if 50% or greater of the selections are new (not previously released or newly arranged). “Live” refers to albums that are recorded live with an audience in attendance in a concert setting and not “live in the studio” recording.


  • EPs are not eligible for full album categories.  An album is defined as having a minimum running time of 20 unique minutes or 6 unique tracks – “unique” meaning no remixes, instrumental versions, acoustic, added accompaniment etc. 
  • EPs can be submitted into any categories that do not have “album” in the title (Rap Recording of the Year, Reggae Recording of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, etc.)


  • If the total number of submissions for a category is less than ten (10) the category may be dropped from the current year’s awards.
  • All information provided will be used.  Names and titles submitted will appear on the voting site as entered.  Please be accurate.  


  • PwC is CARAS’ professional services firm.  All consumption information submitted to them is strictly confidential.  CARAS reserves the right to request PwC to review the information provided on any submission.