Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award

This prestigious award ­ named after Walt Grealis in recognition of his extraordinary accomplishments, recognizes individuals who have contributed to the growth and development of the Canadian music industry.

Big or small, Walt was a champion of Canadian artists. He was instrumental in cultivating Canada’s music industry as we know it today.

“Walt Grealis dedicated his life to creating the Canadian music explosion…the sound heard ’round the world,” said long-time friend and business partner Stan Klees. “His goal was to open the door for all artists and build a star system in Canada.”

Affectionately known as ‘Canada’s Music Man’, Grealis was a leading figure in the Canadian recording industry. In the early 1960′s when American acts dominated the Canadian radio waves and Canadian talent was turning to the South, Walter recognized the need to promote Canada’s own ‘star system’. In 1964, Grealis pioneered Canada’s first national recording industry trade publication, RPM Magazine. Grealis used the magazine as a vehicle to promote Canadian acts to radio stations and the record business. RPM Magazine also charted a new course for developing the Canadian music industry by connecting key industry figures across the country. RPM Magazine was published for almost 40 years with the last issue in 2000.

Walter Grealis was also a key figure in establishing today’s Juno Awards. In 1964, he and business partner Stan Klees created RPM Magazine’s Gold Leaf Awards, which started out as simply a readers’ poll of favourite artists. By the mid-1970s the awards evolved into a broadcast ceremony that took Canadian talent to the national stage. In 1970, Gold Leaf was substituted for the nickname ‘Juno’ after the then CRTC chairman Pierre Juneau. The Juno Awards have been a fixture in the Canadian music industry ever since.

More recently, Grealis was made an Officer in the Order of Canada, the second highest honour that can be bestowed on a Canadian. He received the distinction in 1993.

Past Recipients

Year Recipients
2015 Ray Danniels
2014 Frank Davies
2013 Larry LeBlanc
2012 Gary Slaight
2011 Dean Cameron
2010 Ross Reynolds
2009 Fred Sherratt
2008 Moses Znaimer
2007 Donald K. Tarlton
2006 Bernie Finklestein
2005 Allan Slaight
2004 Walt Grealis (posthumously) *
2003 Terry Mcbride
2002 Michael Cohl
2001 Daniel Caudeiron
2000 Emile Berliner (posthumously) *
1999 Allan Waters
1998 Sam Feldman
1997 Dan Gibson
1996 Ronnie Hawkins
1995 Louis Applebaum *
1994 John Mills, OC,QC
1993 Brian Robertson
1992 William Harold Moon *
1991 Mel Shaw
1990 Raffi
1989 Sam Sniderman
1987 Bruce Allen
1986 Jack Richardson
1985 A. Hugh Joseph *
1984 J. Lyman Potts

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