2024 CHILDREN’S ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Splash'N Boots | | The JUNO Awards

Splash’N Boots are a beloved Canadian children’s music duo consisting of Nick Adams (Splash) and Taes Leavitt (Boots). With 20 years of experience, Splash’N Boots have become a household name, creating music and concert experiences that bring happiness and joy to children of all ages.

Their newest album, Love-a-by, follows their recent success with their 2023 JUNO-nominated album, I am Love!, 2021 JUNO-Award winning album, Heart Parade, as well as a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2022, Splash’N Boots have been bringing happiness and music to children of all ages for 20 years.  With their hit TV show on Treehouse TV and Disney Jr. Canada, Splash’N Boots have appeared daily in over 8.5 million homes across Canada. They have also recently written and produced an episode for Sesame Street.

Beyond their music, Splash’N Boots are committed to using their voice to raise awareness for important causes. They have supported and worked with organizations such as Sick Kids Hospital, Camp Ooch, Plus1, MusiCounts, Kids UpFront, and the Starlight Foundation. They are also the creators and stewards of a uniquely powerful pen pal program geared towards children with autism, called Lucas’s Letters, which encourages children of all ages and abilities to connect through letter-writing.

Through their music, television appearances, and advocacy work, Splash’N Boots continue to spread joy and positivity to children and families around the world.