2024 ALBUM ARTWORK OF THE YEAR | Quinton Nyce (Art Director), Brodie Metcalfe (Designer), Davis Graham (Illustrator), Kaylee Smoke (Photographer) | | The JUNO Awards

Quinton Nyce

Quinton Nyce is one-half of SNRK and the artistic director behind everything Snotty Nose Rez Kids. From the band’s inception in 2017, Nyce has conceptualized the artwork and overall aesthetic. His artistic touch offers a unique perspective and a creativity that has catapulted Snotty Nose Rez Kids into a leader in design and aesthetic.

Brodie Metcalfe

Brodie Metcalfe is the manager for SNRK and is responsible for design work for the band since joining them in 2019. He has designed numerous single and album art concepts, merchandise, and works collectively with Nyce to execute his visions. Metcalfe has also leant his design work to past and current clients The Sorority, I M U R, and Lex Leosis.

Davis Graham

Davis Graham, aka Pencil Fingerz is a well-known Vancouver-based tattoo artist and illustrator who has created artwork for artists such as T-Pain, Cam’ron, and Yelawolf. His photorealism tattoos have made him a sought after artist and his work on SNRK’s campaign created a distinct visual narrative.

Kaylee Smoke

Kaylee Smoke is a concert photographer and no stranger to joining artists on the road to capture the most intimate and high voltage moments during live performance. She is a frequent collaborator with SNRK.