2022 RAP SINGLE OF THE YEAR | NorthSideBenji, Dj Charlie B | | The JUNO Awards


Born in 1998, raised in Brampton, Ontario and of Jamaican descent, NorthsideBenji is ready to be the voice of his city.

It’s not common or often advised in the modern era of music for a new Hip-Hop artist to consciously take time away from releasing music but that’s exactly what Toronto’s NorthsideBenji did. After the tragic death of his best friend & “Twin” Houdini with whom Benji has a certified gold single titled “Levels” Benji has been mysteriously quiet, only showing his face and making his presence felt when necessary. Pay close attention and you’ll see that Benji pays homage to Houdini whenever given the chance.

Spending most of his time over the last year between London, Dubai, Vancouver and Los Angeles in an effort to further his career, Benji has built organic relationships across the globe.

As is visible across the thousands of comments littered across Toronto contemporary music social media pages, NorthSideBenji is the most exciting new artist out of the city and it’s clear that there is only a more positive sentiment around NorthsideBenji since he’s released his project, “The Extravagant Collection”.

DJ Charlie B

DJ Charlie B’s blueprint is fashioned by hard-work, innovation and giving back to the next generation. It’s what has kept him relevant as a globally-renowned DJ for over a decade straight and what has earned him affiliations and close relationships with some of the biggest names in music.

Charlie recently stepped into the executive producer role, a position that has come naturally with his unprecedented ear and access to the next generation of rap superstars.