2018 CHILDREN’S ALBUM | Splash’N Boots | | The JUNO Awards

Appearing daily in over 8.3 million homes with their popular TV show, “The Big Yellow Boot” on Treehouse, Splash’N Boots have inspired an international community of families who connect through music. What began as a University class project, the duo’s dream of creating authentic music for families has led to four consecutive JUNO Nominations, three Canadian Children’s Group of the Year Awards (INDIES) and a robust national and international full time touring schedule.

From their work with Sick Kids Hospital to engaging with their online community, Splash’N Boots’ connection to their fans extends far beyond the stage. Their project, “Splash’N Boots 4 Kids” is dedicated to creating sustainable, musical programming for Canadian children and they are developing a program with 12 Northern Canadian communities. In August 2017, the band launched “Lucas’ Letters”, a pen-pal matching program for kids of all backgrounds and abilities, with the mandate of supporting connection and empathy in children.

Splash'N Boots’ love for and commitment to what they do radiates through all facets of their career. Their newest album, “Love, Kisses and Hugs”, produced by multi-JUNO winner Eric Ratz, has one central objective: to be a musical bridge for families to express themselves and their love for each other.