Artist of the Year 2011

Sarah McLachlan


Artist of the Year



Since her signing with Arista Records nearly two decades ago, every one of Sarah McLachlan’s studio and live albums has been certified gold, platinum, or multi-platinum by the RIAA. TOUCH (1988) and SOLACE (1991) were both gold sellers. Her 1994 breakthrough, the 3X-platinum FUMBLING THROUGH ECSTASY, was followed by the digitally enhanced multimedia version of THE FREEDOM SESSIONS (1995, gold). “I never have set goals, in the sense that I expected to be successful or get to a certain place. My idea of success has always been, does it feel right? Does it feel good to me? Do I enjoy doing it? And somehow miraculously, I’ve been able to follow that path and have a great success at it.” “So this whole career, the life that I have, the opportunities that I’ve been given—it all comes as unexpected. Every day I pinch myself, you know? I can’t believe all this has happened to me.”