The JUNO Awards Remember Those We Lost - The JUNO Awards

Take a moment to look back in remembrance on everyone we lost this past year.

During The 2022 JUNO Opening Night Awards Presented by Ontario Creates, the JUNO Awards paid tribute to the members of the music community who passed away this year. The JUNO Awards celebrate and remember each individual for their respective talents and contributions to Canada’s culture and community.


Adam Balsam, Musician
Al Stanwyck, Musician
Allan Slaight, Broadcasting Pioneer & Philanthropist
Bill Anderson, Radio Broadcaster
Bill Bourne, Musician
Bill Rotari, Music Industry Executive
Bob Luhtala, Manager
Bob Yeomans, Musician
Boris Brott, Conductor
Brad McNally, Radio Broadcaster
Cliff Jones, Manager
Dallas Good, Musician
David “Ziggy” Sigmund, Musician
Denny Eddy, Musician
Derek “Daz” Scott, Musician
Dolores Claman, Composer
Donny Gerrard, Singer
Doug Deveaux, Musician
Doug Inglis, Musician
Duane “Custom” Lavold, Musician
Ellen McIlwaine, Musician
Eric Mercury, Musician
Frank Wright, Musician
Fred Brokenshire, Record Store Owner
Gord Atkinson, Radio Broadcaster
Greg Blackmore, Music Industry Veteran
Harpdog Brown, Musician
Ian Greenberg, Media Pioneer & Philanthropist
Jack Ruttle, Radio Broadcaster
Jacquie Black, Music Industry Veteran
Jeanne Lamon, Musican & Conductor
Jerry Doucette , Musician
Jerry Granelli, Musician
Jo Jo Bennett, Musician
Joni Sadler, Musician & Music industry Veteran
Karim Ouellet, Musician
Kathryn Moses, Musican, Composer
Koady Chaisson, Musician
Les Emmerson, Musician
Lori Davies, Music Industry Veteran
Marilyn Caswell, Music industry Veteran
Markus Klinke, Music Industry Executive
Mel Shaw, Music Industry Executive & First CARAS President
Melissa McRae, Music Industry Veteran
Michael Armstrong, Musician
Michael Laucke, Musician
Michelle Puska, Musician & Music Industry Veteran
Micky Erbe, Musician & Composer
Pastelle LeBlanc, Musician
Paul Christopher Caldeira, Musician
Peter Chipman, Musician
Peter Goddard, Music Journalist
Peter Goodwin, Radio Broadcaster & Consultant
Peter Mann, Musician
Peter Soumalias, Entrepreneur & Canada’s Walk of Fame
Phil Naro, Musician
Pierre “Pete” Gaudet, Musician
Pierre Jobin, Music Industry Veteran
R. Dean Taylor, Musician
R. Murray Schafer, Composer
Robert Ouimet, Producer & DJ
Robert Tustin, Music Industry Veteran
Rosalie Trombley, Radio Pioneer
Rose-Ellen Nichols, Opera Singer
Ruth June Budd, Musician
Salim Sachedina, Recording Studio Owner
Terry McManus, Music Industry Veteran
Tim Thorney, Musician & Producer
Tyrone Gabriel, Singer
Vince Fontaine, Musician
Wendy Gilmour, Manager
William “Skinny” Tenn, Manager