Patrick Rogers: "There’s no industry quite like the Canadian music industry." - The JUNO Awards

In this series, we will be profiling music professionals from all facets of the industry to learn more about their involvement in the CARAS Academy Delegate program.

Patrick Rogers is the Chief Executive Officer of Music Canada, a nonprofit organization that advocates for a healthy and vibrant Canadian music ecosystem, which includes labels, performing artists, publishers, songwriters, managers and others. Patrick joined the Academy Delegate program in 2016 to connect with industry peers and be a part of the broader music community. 

What inspired you to become an Academy Delegate?

As someone whose background is not in music – I come from the political world – becoming an Academy Delegate was an early opportunity to participate in one of the Canadian music industry’s key institutions.  

Why is it important to be active in the Canadian music industry?

There’s no industry quite like the Canadian music industry. The sector thrives on people’s passion and devotion to their craft, and it’s one that is multidimensional and constantly growing. And the businesses who partner with and invest in those artists are dynamic and constantly evolving.  Being active in the music community lets you see how amazingly talented artists and world-class businesses work closely together — collaborating and building something that’s bigger than the sum of its parts. I’m very fortunate to be able to see it firsthand at events like the JUNOS. 

What do you enjoy most about being an Academy Delegate?

For me, becoming an Academy Delegate is all about connecting with and celebrating the Canadian music community.  Having the opportunity to cast a vote for artists vying for a JUNO is one way to support the artists that I love and celebrate their talent, and to discover great new artists.  

“We often describe the music industry as an ecosystem, and becoming an Academy Delegate is one way to unite under a broad umbrella that includes members from all aspects of the Canadian music industry.”

– Patrick Rogers

Why do you think it’s important to promote and celebrate Canadian music and artists?

Canada’s music industry is a very important driver – both from a cultural perspective but also an economic one. It drives creative innovation and also creates jobs, which are held by Canadians making great Canadian music for success here and around the world. And, our industry punches far beyond its weight. You only need to look at all the Canadian artists climbing the charts domestically, and around the world, to see proof of that. 

Why is diversity within the Academy Delegate program and the Canadian music industry so essential?

Diversity in the Delegate Program is important because it’s important in the broader music industry and our communities. The Academy Delegate program should reflect the diversity of Canada and our industry so that all members of the music community feel welcomed and represented. 

What has been your favourite JUNOS moment? / What are you most excited about for the upcoming JUNO Awards?

My favourite JUNOS moment was attending the 2017 JUNOs in Ottawa. The Arkells performed part of their Motown revue during a late night show during JUNO week. It was my first JUNOS and listening to familiar songs sung with such excitement and creativity made me realize how lucky I was to be there. With every show at the JUNOs, the showcase of incredible talent never ceases to amaze me.

We are all so excited for the next time that we can all connect and celebrate the JUNOS, after we have been unable to gather for so long.  

How does being an Academy Delegate allow you to help shape the industry?

Becoming an Academy Delegate is an opportunity to connect with our industry peers, and be part of that broader community. Too often the Canadian music industry finds strength within its separate constituencies –  I believe we are stronger when we come together as one community, focusing on our shared goals and commonalities, and our passion for music. 

Being an Academy Delegate also is an opportunity to discover new music, and support the artists that I love. 

Why should fellow industry members apply to be a CARAS Academy Delegate?

I would encourage fellow industry members to apply to be a CARAS Academy Delegate – not just because they can vote for the JUNO nominees or enjoy other perks – but because it’s an opportunity to be counted as part of the broader music community in Canada. We often describe the music industry as an ecosystem, and becoming an Academy Delegate is one way to unite under a broad umbrella that includes members from all aspects of the Canadian music industry.


Applications for the CARAS Academy Delegate program are now open! Learn more about becoming a member and how you can help shape the future of Canadian music.