7 Questions With Jayli Wolf - The JUNO Awards

Get to know 2022 Contemporary Indigenous Artist or Group of the Year Presented by Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada nominee, Jayli Wolf in our “7 Questions With” series where we speak with first-time JUNO Award nominees from all genres.

Jayli Wolf is an Anishinaabe / Cree, LGBTQ+ artist born in Creston, B.C. Wolf released a solo EP entitled “Wild Whisper ” about her personal history. Single “Child Of The Government” exhibits her family’s experience during the Sixties Scoop, where the Canadian Government and Catholic Church were responsible for taking or “scooping” more than 20,000 First Nation, Métis, and Inuit children from their families and communities in the 1950-90s The children were placed in foster homes or adopted (some even sold) into non-Indigenous families across Canada and beyond. Along with the loss of cultural identity, the government changed some children’s true ethnicity on file. Many experienced sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Wolf’s father was one of these children.

The single arrived alongside a short film that was directed by Wolf herself. The short film won ‘Best Music Video’ at Venice Shorts and the single hit #1 on CBC and Indigenous Music Countdown charts. Wolf landed on the cover of Spotify+Amazon’s Indigenous playlists and Yonge and Dundas Square billboards. The EP has received critical acclaim in VOGUE global, Rolling Stone, NYLON, Them, Ones To Watch and also resulted in viral TikTok videos where people shared their families’ experience in the Sixties Scoop.

1. How did it feel to be nominated for a JUNO? 

It was pretty surreal to be honest. I felt like my body was humming. It’s an honour, and I am super excited that the event is in person this year!

2. Who are your biggest musical influences?

There are so many! I love Conor Oberst, Keaton Henson, FKA Twigs, Bon Iver… I could go on and on.

 3. What are 3 items you require when you’re on-tour? 

A good book, my guitar, and sage

 4. What do you think is the best song you’ve ever released? What’s the story behind it?

I would say that the song I have had the biggest reaction from is Child of the Government. Which is a song about my father who was taken away in the 60s scoop. It was incredibly healing and cathartic for me to write, and create the visual that goes along with it. 


5. Which artist(s) would you like to collaborate with most?


6. What has been your favorite performance of your career?

I don’t have one actually! I just love when performing is collaborative and creative. I like for the shows to be intimate, and small.

7. What’s next for you?

 I am taking it slow, figuring out what direction to go in next. I am trying to enjoy life a little more 🙂

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