Tegan and Sara | 2024 Humanitarian Award | | The JUNO Awards

While it may be natural to assume that Tegan and Sara have been creating massive hits like ‘Walking With A Ghost’ and ‘Closer’ since their childhood in Calgary, the genesis of this internationally renowned pop-indie duo actually began a bit later. It was during their high school years that Tegan and Sara began playing their stepdad’s acoustic guitar in secret, crafting songs together in the basement of their home. With the encouragement of her broadcasting and communications teacher Mr. Lee, Tegan recorded a demo tape of songs she and Sara had written as her grade eleven year-end project – marking the first official launch of Tegan and Sara

Since their inception, their music has sold over a million records, while their foray into various media, including TV and books, showcases their versatility. Their many JUNO Awards, Governor General’s Performing Arts Award and Honorary Doctor of Laws degrees from the University of Calgary underscore their significant contributions to music and advocacy. Although much to be proud of, their crowning achievement, thus far is the Tegan and Sara Foundation, which fights for health, economic justice and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.

Tegan and Sara have openly identified as queer since the beginning of their career and have been outspoken feminist advocates for LGBTQ equality and gender justice. The Tegan and Sara Foundation is an extension of their work, identity and longstanding commitment to supporting and building progressive social change. Launched in 2016, the foundation raises awareness and funds, fighting for equality and justice through its flagship program and supporting grassroots organizations, activists, and communities that often go unrecognized by major funding institutions.