Sunday, March 15, 2020
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Warren Dean Flandez describes his music simply as “songs with purpose”. But with an EP that debuted at number two last year on the iTunes Inspirational Charts Top 100, this Yellowknife born vocalist has rediscovered his church roots, reignited his faith and found solace in creating inspirational Canadian gospel music with his anticipated full length album Eternally Grateful.

“Warren Dean Flandez is sure to knock you off your feet with his wide vocal range and killer beats. Some of the best music of 2016.” (CCM Magazine - Contemporary Christian Music)

“…his brand of eclecticism with a solid spiritual foundation is what the gospel world needs now..” (The Journal of Gospel)

Not confined by genre specific stereotypes, Flandez’s album Eternally Grateful is a soulfully charged, urban infused gospel record that spreads the word of god in a non-traditional way, that is not only inspirational, but also accessible to mainstream audiences. Produced by award winning producers, Jamie Kuse and Mike Southworth and 
featuring guest appearances by Rosemary Siemens, Terrance Richmond, Top Line Vocal Collective, The New Heights Victory Mass Choir and the Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra. Flandez’s Eternally Grateful is a must have for anyone with a heartbeat.