2024 SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR | William Prince | | The JUNO Awards

Guided by a practical yet profound gratitude, William Prince’s songs convey the power of wonder and humility. A masterclass in skilful simplicity, Prince’s songwriting is grounded in a balance between the personal and the universal, his own moments of self-discovery and the larger questions we face together. Prince offers what’s true for himself in whatever way it is helpful. Grace is not a final state but a process.

From his JUNO Award-winning debut, Earthly Days, which introduced Prince to the world, to two full albums in 2020 – the JUNO-nominated Reliever and Gospel First Nation – and now the celebrated Stand in the Joy (2023), Prince’s discography finds its steadying, timeless appeal in his rich voice and assured restraint.

Prince has also built a collection of memorable collaborations with many of Canada’s most esteemed artists, including Buffy Sainte-Marie and The Tragically Hip. Prince’s career is marked by accolades and milestones: media coverage in Rolling Stone, the LA Times, and Paste, opening for Neil Young, a JUNO Award, a Tiny Desk and collaborations with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb. With meaningful, impactful appearances on national broadcasts honouring icons and amplifying crucial conversations alike, Prince has taken up his deserved place on the national stage.