2024 METAL/HARD MUSIC ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Danko Jones | | The JUNO Awards

Formed in Toronto in 1996, Danko Jones have seen and done just about everything over the last quarter of a century. Powered by a DIY punk rock spirit, and inspired by the good, great and grotesque of electrified rock ‘n’ roll, they have steadily built a colossal international fan base and become one of the most acclaimed live bands around, embraced by everyone from mainstream radio-rock fans to diehard metalheads. Over the last decade, Danko Jones have visibly moved up a few gears. Since frontman Danko and bassist JC joined forces with drummer Rich Knox, the band’s creative fire has blazed more brightly than ever. A succession of all-killer, no-filler albums – Fire Music, Wild Cat, A Rock Supreme, Power Trio – has led to even more gung-ho touring and unapologetic service to the rock cause. In 2023, Toronto’s archbishops of amplification released their 11th album, Electric Sounds: proof that even a global pandemic couldn’t stop Danko Jones. In fact, it just made them even more unstoppable. The album delivered German chart-toppers “Guess Who’s Back” and “Good Time” (both #1 in Rock charts) and launched another epic run of global tour dates, with more to follow in 2024.