2024 JACK RICHARDSON PRODUCER OF THE YEAR | Jason Brando, Lubalin, Mathieu Sénéchal & Sam Avant | | The JUNO Awards

Jason Brando

Jason Brando is the founder, president and artistic director of Montreal’s creative house Cult Nation. Recognized as Charlotte Cardin’s main creative partner through the years, Brando co-wrote and co-produced Cardin’s multi-JUNO Awards winning debut “Phoenix” and her sophomore album “99 Nights”.


At the close of 2020, Lubalin skyrocketed to viral TikTok fame overnight with his “internet drama” videos, which earned him 3.4 million followers. The Montreal-based creator has also released music since 2020 and collected credits on Charlotte Cardin’s projects. After co-writing the title track to Cardin’s multi-JUNO Awards winning debut “Phoenix”, he’s credited as a co-writer and co-producer on much of her sophomore record “99 Nights”.

Mathieu Sénéchal

Mathieu Sénéchal is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Montreal. A key collaborator on Charlotte Cardin’s project, Sénéchal worked on the multi-JUNO Awards winning “Phoenix” in addition to co-writing and co-producing much of her sophomore record “99 Nights”. Sénéchal also has his own project, Noche, through which he collaborates with a wide range of artists from around the world.