2024 ELECTRONIC ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Rich Aucoin | | The JUNO Awards

On Synthetic: Season 2, Halifax pop artist and composer Rich Aucoin continues his journey through the history of synthesizers. The second entry in his quadruple LP series once again features an armada of the world’s most rare, historic, and highly sought after electronic instruments. Gaining access to the collections of Calgary’s National Music Centre and LA’s Vintage Synthesizer Museum, Aucoin ran amok on machines to create four albums of thrilling, transporting instrumental music.

Each song on Synthetic: Season 2 conjures a world of its own, combining Aucoin’s melodic sensibilities with textural, genre-agnostic experimentation. “Landing neatly between the worlds of Justice and Dan Deacon, with just a touch of 2010s Dan Snaith, Rich Aucoin’s Synthetic Season 2…is an evolution of the Halifax-based musician’s explorations found in the JUNO-nominated Season 1.” – Exclaim! “A record that’s a keyboard lover’s delight – especially if you love more synth-heavy sounds – because Rich Aucoin presents the tracks as a mini history of synthesizer sounds and styles !” – Dusty Groove