2024 CHILDREN’S ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Young Maestro | | The JUNO Awards

Wes Williams, widely recognized as Maestro Fresh Wes, is a pillar in Canadian hip-hop. Originating from Toronto, he became the first hip-hop artist to be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame for “Let Your Backbone Slide” and the inaugural black Canadian artist to achieve platinum status. His award-winning 2010 book, “Stick To Your Vision,” is foundational in Nova Scotia’s school curriculum, and his newest children’s book is inspiring elementary school communities nationwide. Beyond literature, Maestro’s voice has graced platforms like TedX, schools, and corporate events.

In the film and TV realm, Wes showcased his prowess across eight seasons on CBC’s “Mr. D” as Paul Dwyer. As the host of “Race Against The Tide” (Season 4), he diversifies his media presence. His latest album, “Stick to Your Vision for Young Athletes,” reflects his experience as a father and assistant coach. This ten-song album chronicles the transformative journey of young athletes, emphasizing the value of positive mentors and life lessons imbibed through sports.

Furthering his commitment to youth, Maestro launched a scholarship at Nova Scotia Community College targeting skill trades. With an upcoming Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Award at the JUNO Awards, Maestro Fresh Wes’s legacy continues to flourish.