2024 CHILDREN’S ALBUM OF THE YEAR | The Swinging Belles | | The JUNO Awards

Since their 2016 JUNO win for Children’s Album of the Year, The Swinging Belles have been bringing their unique style of swing to audiences all across Canada and beyond. The focus of the St John’s, NL based band has always been to make exceptional, exciting music for the young and the young at heart. They are constantly stretching the boundaries of their music, moving from swing jazz and country styles to, most recently, the world of electro-swing.

At the core of the Swinging Belles philosophy is the belief that children are brilliant and beautiful beings that respond to and are inspired by music that celebrates their intelligence, their innate musicality and their expansive imagination. They prioritize creating musical experiences that both kids and their families can enjoy together. Their audience spans the decades with fans from 8 months to 80 years and beyond. Many times, The Swinging Belles are the first live musical experience a child experiences and they work hard to create an interactive, high energy show that hopes to inspire these budding creatives to celebrate their individuality and to follow their own passions and interests wherever they may lead.