2024 BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST OF THE YEAR | Karan Aujla | | The JUNO Awards

Karan Aujla was born and raised in the village of Ghurala in Northern Punjab amidst the rural and farm lifestyle. At a young age, both of Aujla’s parents passed away. Plagued with anxiety, depression, and reclusiveness – creating rhymes and writing was a pacifier and escape for Karan. After his parents passing, Karan Aujla relocated to British Columbia, Canada – joining his sisters who were already living there prior. During his high school years, he was sought out by many Punjabi artists as a songwriter and would go on to pen several singles for the most prominent Punjabi artists at the time. With fate at work again, one of Karan’s songs as a full-fledged artist rather than writer garnered international buzz in the Punjabi community worldwide, propelling him to be a global ambassador for Punjabi music.

Aujla’s debut album, BacTHAfuKUP (B.T.F.U.), released in 2021, highlights his vocal prowess in unison with trance-like Punjabi folk production. This album solidified his place as a global ambassador of Punjabi music worldwide, with a hundred million streams across streaming platforms, and #6 placement on Spotify’s Global Chart. That same year, Karan was dubbed India’s most prominent artist as he was ranked #38 on the Global Digital Artist Ranking. Karan is approaching 3 billion views on YouTube, has garnered over one billion audio streams, 7.5 million Spotify monthly listeners and 8 million followers across his social media channels