2023 REGGAE RECORDING OF THE YEAR | Celena | | The JUNO Awards

Meet Celena, Singer/Songwriter, born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Her musical life started in the church choir from toddler years, singing melody and harmonizing.

Not being much of a talker, Celena’s love for music grew when she started expressing herself through words and started writing poems around 8 years old. On occasions, she found herself humming the words, adding melodies and then realised she was writing songs.

Celena migrated to Canada in her late teenage years, in search of new opportunities and experiences. Life gave her countless blessings, but somehow, she continued to struggle with finding her true purpose.

After battling years of self-consciousness, scrutiny, fear and self-denial, Summer 2019, she made a life changing decision to own her craft, and released her first single “Hanky Panky”. A song that aimed to inspire and empower women to know their worth, value themselves, never settle for less and to be unapologetic with their standards.

Celena brings a fresh, unique modern vibe to Reggae Music. She infuses different genres of music and style into her craft to arrive at her true authentic sound. She aims to promote positivity within her music, empower and uplift her listeners.