2023 RAP SINGLE OF THE YEAR | 6ixbuzz and Pengz | | The JUNO Awards


In 2017, following the release of the hit-single “Griselda Blanco,” Pengz became a household name in the Toronto music scene. Since coming home, Pengz has shown a renewed dedication to music and has even solidified himself as one of the most lyrically gifted artists. His ability to catch flows and switch up styles so easily this early in his career, is allowing fans to see multiple sides of his talent.


If you’re Canadian on Instagram, you’ve most likely heard of 6ixbuzztv. The page with over 1.9 million followers has become the pulse of Toronto and its one-of-a-kind (and internationally recognized) culture. In 2018, 6ixbuzzTV, launched a record label to produce compilation albums featuring hip-hop artists. Their debut album-6ixupsidedown-was released on October 19, 2018 featuring a plethora of artists, including Pressa, Houdini, K Money, Casper TNG, 3MFrench, Booggz, Smiley, Yung Tory, LB SPIFFY, and Bizz Ioc, to name a few. Their second compilation, NorthernSound, was released on December 13, 2019 and featured NorthSideBenji, Puffy L’z, Why-S, Pvrx, and Bvlly. The record featured the last work of Bvlly and Why-S before their deaths on December 24, 2019.