2023 RAP ALBUM/EP OF THE YEAR | Jazz Cartier | | The JUNO Awards

Juno award-winning rapper Jazz Cartier has earned his place alongside the ranks of The 6’s most popular musicians. Drawing from musical influences including Kanye West, OutKast, and Lil Wayne, Cartier’s music weaves hooky beats through moments of celebratory defiance and unapologetic honesty.

The stepson of a diplomat, Cartier moved over a dozen times before returning to Canada at the age of 18 to pursue a career in music. He made a splash with the critically acclaimed mixtapes Marauding in Paradise (2015) and Hotel Paranoia (2016) firmly cementing Cartier’s legacy in Toronto’s cultural psyche. In his most refined effort to date, Cartier’s debut studio album Fleurever (2018) is centered around the expression of duality, exploring the friction between love and money, right and wrong, and living and dying. Jazz released “The Fleur Print” Album in September and dropped “The Fleur Print Vol.2 in February ’22. Jazz is currently working on his newest offering as we speak.

Outside of Music Jazz has been busy he started a unisex skincare line “Petal Skyn” to empower men to be more involved with their skincare and keeping everyone covered as well! His staple 24k gold face serum was a hit. The full release of the line is currently rolling out and will include a toner, moisturizer and cleanser. He also stepped into the TV world and is executive producing a show with the likes of Elie Maroun, Sean Diddy Combs, and 51 Minds.