2023 GLOBAL MUSIC ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Ruby Singh | | The JUNO Awards

Vox.Infold, the latest album from Ruby Singh, is an a cappella offering, composed and (remarkably) recorded at a time when singing together was something that could kill us. Against the backdrop of the covid 19 pandemic and amidst potent social unrest, this powerhouse vocal ensemble of Indigenous, Inuit, Black and South Asian voices, reimagined how to sing together. The album dives into a full bodied, resonant and sensuous expression housed in polyrhythm, lush harmonies, mimicry, and polyphonic poetry. The resulting sonic landscape encompasses a non-linear journey in which we may find and care for each other. Evoking loneliness, joy, the mysterious and supernatural, Vox.Infold brings together musical luminaries, Dawn Pemberton, Inuksuk Mackay and Tiffany Ayalik of PIQSIQ, Russell Wallace, Tiffany Moses, Shamik Bilgi and Ruby Singh. They remind us that the human voice is an adaptation of the metabolic activity most crucial to our existence – breathing. This is how the atmosphere enters our beings and how we know we are intimately connected to our world.

“Mesmerizing, vibrant…Singh isn’t just crossing genres, he’s straddling astral planes….Vox.Infold is an immersive experience of looped beats, breathing and vocals that deserve placement on a Dune soundtrack.” – Globe and Mail

“Ruby Singh keeps on dropping dynamic sonic experiments. The cross-cultural a cappella project brings together vocalists from Indigenous, Inuit, Black and South Asian backgrounds to unite myriad musical traditions in new and unique ways.” The Vancouver Sun

“Lush polyphonic worlds…atmospheric, haunting, ethereal” – Stir Vancouver

“Truly immersive, exciting experience…wildly experimental..fresh and vital.” – The Manitoban