2023 ELECTRONIC ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Rich Aucoin | | The JUNO Awards

The album is the first of four in 2-year series. The first single was released in April, with a track released every 3-4 weeks. By October 19, the entire album will have been released digitally.

The recording began at The National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta in March 2020, houses one of the world’s most extensive collections of rare and historic synthesizers. There, Aucoin was doing the Artist In Residence program and recorded 51 synthesizers to begin the project. This first full-length features Aucoin as the solo musician playing some 37 synthesizers including: Arp 2600s, the Supertramp owned Elka Rhapsody 610 String Machine, Formanta Polivoks, Novatron T550, Oxford Synthesizer Company Oscar, Selmer Clavioline CM 8 and the legendary TONTO which the first release off the record was made on.