2023 CLASSICAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR (SMALL ENSEMBLE) | Andrew Balfour and musica intima | | The JUNO Awards

Founded in 1992, musica intima is a collaborative conductor-less vocal ensemble which has championed Canadian music on stages around the world, and garnered a Western Canadian Music Award, and two JUNO nominations across ten commercially released albums. 

Grassroots beginnings took musica intima to international renown by pushing the boundaries of traditional choral performance and new perspectives on ensemble singing, making musica intima one of Canada’s most esteemed vocal ensembles. A shared leadership model allows the twelve members of intima to exchange ideas and freely explore musical creativity. 

As musica intima seeks to decolonize their musical practice, they are increasingly turning to collaborations with Indigenous artists from a variety of disciplines, including choreographer Olivia C. Davies, visual artist Sonny Assu, the Lexwst’í:lem Drum Group, and composer Andrew Balfour. musica intima recorded Balfour’s curation Nagamo for release in November 2022, and in March 2023, Andrew and musica intima will embark on a cross-Canada tour to work with youth choirs on the process of collaboration and the decolonizing of choral music.