2023 BREAKTHROUGH GROUP OF THE YEAR I Tommy Lefroy | | The JUNO Awards

Tommy Lefroy is the self-produced soft rock project of Wynter Bethel and Tessa Mouzourakis. The duo – who fittingly adopted its moniker from a real-life love interest of Jane Austen – met in Nashville in 2017 while they were both working as professional songwriters, and felt a connection instantly. When Tessa posted a boy genius cover on her Instagram Stories in 2018, Wynter half-jokingly commented: “Can we start a band?”. This interaction kick-started the Tommy Lefroy story and led to their self-produced debut EP “Flight Risk”, which they recorded during lockdown over FaceTime while Wynter was in LA and her home state of Michigan, and Tessa was home in Vancouver, and in London.

Tommy Lefroy’s mission? To subvert the broken woman trope, and become heroic lead characters themselves. After years bending to linear rules, writing together was both revelation and liberation, harnessing the power of female storytelling, buoyed by feminist heroes, from poet Anne Carson to Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith and Phoebe Bridgers today.

A dreamscape sound sculpted from both finespun acoustics and fuzzy, distorted guitars, basement pianos and ethereal vocal harmonies, Flight Risk reflects the friendship, existentialism, and honest catharsis that is at the crux of what makes Tommy Lefroy.