2022 METAL/HARD MUSIC ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Danko Jones | | The JUNO Awards

Danko Jones exists to rock. It’s his innate, guttural mode of expression. His daily ritual. His life’s work. Now, after 25 years, 10 albums, world tours with the deities like Ozzy Osbourne, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Motörhead, and countless main-stage appearances at the world’s premier music festivals, Danko Jones returns with Power Trio. Heralded by raucous lead single “I Want Out,” the band’s latest full-length album, the explosive and appropriately titled set sees them reunited with Canadian independent label Sonic Unyon Records, who issued the trio’s first recordings and who will release the band’s latest masterpiece in North America.

Power Trio follows on 2019’s A Rock Supreme, 2016’s full-throttle rocker Wild Cat, and 2015’s bloodlusty Fire Music (which fulfilled Danko’s bucket-list goal of providing the theme song for a WWE Royal Rumble with “Gonna Be a Fight Tonight”). With drummer Rich Knox now firmly ensconced behind the kit for his third go-round with the band, Danko and long-time bass-wielding associate JC once again tapped the production prowess of Eric Ratz, who previously amped up the bone-breaking boogie of Wild Cat and Fire Music to much success.