2022 DANCE RECORDING OF THE YEAR | Ceréna | | The JUNO Awards

Breaking into the music industry in 2012, much of Ceréna’s early career was one spent pretending to be someone she is not; succumbing to pressures and scrutiny at the expense of their authenticity.

Opting for independence and the freedom of self-expression, Ceréna began immersing herself in the Queer community, which gave her the power to live as her authentic self. As an outspoken and trailblazing trans artist, Ceréna aspires to pave the way for other LGBTQ+ individuals in the industry.

Her debut album “resurrection” serves to be a reclamation of herself – elaborating on favoured themes of freedom, community, love and unity. Ceréna also continues her work as one of the co-founders of Club Quarantine, an online queer dance party, which has seen coverage in Paper Magazine, The Cut, The New York Times, Vice and more.