2022 BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST OF THE YEAR | 347aidan | | The JUNO Awards

Growing up in Cambridge, Ontario, 347aidan had what most would call a “normal” childhood, music entered and impacted his life early on. “I started playing the piano when I was five,” the now 18-year-old says. Aidan, an advocate for mental health was diagnosed with ADHD as a youth, rather than being subdued to medication Aidan wanted to channel this energy into his passion…music. With newfound creativity, Aidan began recording tracks in his bedroom, in turn uploading them to SoundCloud and instantly growing a unique fanbase. As his musical palate and sound diversified Aidan looked toward a variety of artists like AC/DC and Earl Sweatshirt for inspiration.

Following 347aidan’s R.I.A.A certified Gold song “DANCING IN MY ROOM,” he released “MEMORIES!” which has accumulated over 23M streams to date, and most recently “HARMONY” in which the chilling, alternative track peaks into Aidan’s mind and focuses on his lost loved one. Recently, Aidan released his new EP CHASING HARMONY via 347RECORDS/Columbia Records which landed immediate media attention including features in NEXT magazine and coverage from the Toronto Star. The musical wunderkind, who has drawn in nearly 6M monthly listeners on Spotify, attracts a range of listeners. “Euphoric, difficult to perfectly define, and haphazardly brilliant, 347aidan embodies the adventurousness and inventiveness of Gen Z” said Music blog Ones To Watch.