2022 ALBUM ARTWORK OF THE YEAR | Lyle Bell (Art Director, Designer, & Photographer) | | The JUNO Awards

Six Shooter celebrates the work of artist-in-residence Lyle Bell, leader of the label’s in-house Art Squad, with a new mini-doc that goes behind the scenes and into the creative minds of the visual team behind Whitehorse’s 2021 releases. Watch it here: https://youtu.be/-qHl4ObRFJE

As outlined in the Whitehorse x Art Squad mini-doc, the concept for the art surrounding Strike Me Down began with a prismatic, kaleidoscopic, 70s feeling rock record with plenty of epic moments, lyrics, and textures to inspire Lyle’s retro-futurism style. In keeping with this concept, the limited edition vinyl was manufactured using two clear discs, fruit punch-coloured liquid, and gold glitter, to create a truly unique product to match the feel of the album. Fans with a particular attention to detail won’t miss the “Strike Me Down” etching on each record.

Lyle Bell, previous JUNO Artwork nominee, is an artistic renaissance man of sorts. Lyle is currently the resident graphic designer and photographer at Six Shooter Records. He is an accomplished musician and songwriter, relentlessly writing and touring with his bands The Wet Secrets, Whitey Houston and synthlords Shout Out Out Out Out. He cut his teeth working at famed alt paper Vue Weekly, screening gig posters, building cameras and obsessing over analog photography in the dark room.