2021 TRADITIONAL ROOTS ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Pharis & Jason Romero | | The JUNO Awards

Bet On Love, the fifth record from two-time JUNO Award winners Pharis and Jason Romero, is a modern folk ode to the reciprocal relationships between place, people and time. Recorded in their banjo shop outside the small Northern town of Horsefly, British Columbia, the album is quite literally home grown. The songs on Bet On Love, are inspired by the land the Romeros live on and the lifestyle they have chosen to lead, focused on balance, simplicity and intention. Add in a bustling boutique banjo business and the raising of two young children with the busy life of active musicians, and the balancing act itself becomes an art form.

In the end, Pharis and Jason Romero choose the unconventional — touring selectively with two small kids, making banjos in the woods, recording at home in the winter — and they live and sing about those choices with vibrancy and an elite skill set honed through decades of dedication. Their songs are an expression of a hope found in the resilience of community, and of a love born from family, united in the melodies of life.

“A perfect antidote to this sped-up, modern world” – No Depression