2021 INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR | David Foster | | The JUNO Awards

Multi-award-winning composer and celebrated producer, David Foster, released his album “Eleven Words” on April 3, 2020 via Decca Records US/Universal Music Canada. The album showcases the artist at his musical core and a return to his truest form.

“Eleven Words” is a departure from writing and producing huge, chart-topping hits for megastars. Foster steps back to his roots, seated at the grand piano and delivers emotional and meaningful piano melodies.

“About 6 months ago, for no apparent reason, I identified 11 words that meant something to me and to the world – calm, quiet yet powerful words” says Foster. “Now here we are living in a world that none of us has ever experienced before. So, we decided to release this music on Friday, April 3 – no big fanfare – no big trumpets – just me and my piano doing what I enjoy doing the most. Eleven simple piano themes that might help a world in need just a little.”