C’est au cours de leurs études à l’Université McGill que Marie, Nathan et Ryan s’unissent pour créer les Barocudas. Né d’un désir d’allier créativité et humour à une interprétation de haut niveau, les Barocudas offrent au public les plus belles oeuvres de l’époque baroque avec une fraîcheur qui est devenue leur signature, que ce soit sur scène ou dans leurs nombreuses vidéos en ligne. Restez à l’affut! Ce jeune groupe n’a pas fini de vous surprendre !

Marie, Nathan, and Ryan formed Les Barocudas while studying at McGill University. Eager to combine wit and creativity with their high caliber performance skills, they bring a signature freshness to the Baroque repertoire—presented in sold-out concert halls as well as online in the form of music videos. Stay tuned: this young group will continue to surprise you.

When, in September of 2019, we chose ‘the plague’ as the theme for this album, we had no idea that pandemic disease would soon become the topic of the day. A premonition? A hunch? We’ll never know, but it is clear that we could not offer you a plague-themed album without invoking COVID-19: the disease that now threatens us all. If the plague, the scourge of past centuries, was the work of a very ancient bacterium — sadly legendary for its virulence — the current pandemic is attributable to an emerging and still poorly understood virus. All of a sudden, we feel unexpectedly close to those who lived during the plague years; their ordeal has become strangely relevant, and their fate relatable. So we now invite you on a musical journey back through time, all the way to the plague years. Each piece bears an association or anecdote relating to this calamitous disease. The music of the 17th century, with its strong contrasts and clear phrases, perfectly conveys the turmoil of the era. The composers of these works were all violinists who were directly affected by the plague, which ended up killing several of them. Originally, our intent was simply to pay homage to these composers and the era that shaped them. Now, the uncanny parallels between that epoch and our present circumstances have given our mission a new urgency. The echoes of the past continue to resonate with a special poignancy.