2021 CHILDREN’S ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Njacko Backo and Kalimbas at Work | | The JUNO Awards

Njacko Backo has been performing for children for more than 30 years in schools, libraries, summer camps and festivals. An accomplished and award winning songwriter with 12 albums to his name, Njacko partnered with producer Ken Whiteley to record his first album specifically for the youngest generation. Njacko’s music invites children to deepen their understanding of Central African culture through fun, upbeat songs with simple singable melodies on kalimba (African piano), ngoni (African harp), fiddle and percussion. Njacko says, “I write all of my music with children in mind and emphasize the importance of love, togetherness, and respect. Every time I perform, my goal is to touch people’s hearts, make them dance and have fun.” This album is primarily in French, with one song in English.