2019 VOCAL JAZZ ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Holly Cole | | The JUNO Awards

Holly Cole has never been afraid to do or say exactly what she thinks or feels. Not in a standing-on-a-soap-box grand gesture kind of way, but just by doing it! It’s the Maritimer in her; that attitude of wanting to cut through the noise and get to the point. It’s reflected in her minimalist approach to musical arrangements and often in the material she chooses. As an example, she recognized that simply by nature of being a woman, singing Mose Allison’s "Your Mind is on Vacation" brings significant additional currency to Allison's poignant lyrics for both men and women - especially in 2017.

The new recording, simply titled “HOLLY”, is produced by Grammy Award winning producer Russ Titelman and arranged by pianist extraordinaire Larry Goldings. Most of the record was recorded at Sear Sound in NYC using an exemplary cast of both NYC and Toronto musicians including Aaron Davis (Piano), Davide DiRenzo (Drums), David Piltch (Bass), John Johnson (Woodwinds) Larry Goldings- (Hammond B3 Organ), Ben Street (Bass) and also Justin Faulkner (Drums). “HOLLY” also includes two vocal duets with the incomparable Wycliffe Gordon.

With “HOLLY,” you can expect one of the defining recordings of Cole’s internationally celebrated career!