2018 VIDEO OF THE YEAR | Grimes (Claire Boucher) | | The JUNO Awards

Claire Boucher is Vancouver-born, self-taught singer, musician, songwriter, engineer, producer, and visual artist professionally known as Grimes. Her music is influenced by pop, electronic, hip-hop, punk and much more. Fiercely independent in her approach, Boucher seldom works with collaborators. Claire left neuroscience studies at McGill in 2009 so that a year later she could release two albums Geidi Primes and Halfaxa.

Her breakout album Visions, released by 4AD in 2012, earned a JUNO Award for “Electronic Album of the Year”. Grimes signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation management in 2013, releasing the singles “Go” (which Rolling Stone rated the13th best song of the year).

In 2015 she released the Art Angels LP featuring videos “Flesh without Blood”, “California” and “Kill v Maim” which won the 2017 “Video of the Year” JUNO Award. Her latest video “Venus Fly” features collaborator Janelle Monae.

Grimes’ YouTubeVevo views now exceed 1.5 million and her tracks have streamed 300 million times on Spotify alone.