2018 SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR | Charlotte Cardin | | The JUNO Awards

Human connection is at the heart of Charlotte Cardin’s soulful, evocative songs. The singer draws inspiration from everything around her, but it’s usually the people in her life who urge her songs forth. Whether she's affected by a stranger or someone she knows, Charlotte centres her lyrics on relationships and the emotions they generate. She’s interested in uncovering how we connect and relate to one another, and each track resonates with palpable, human feeling.

It’s always been that way for Charlotte, although she hasn’t always known she wanted to be a musician. The singer, who grew up in Montreal, spent her childhood learning piano and taking singing lessons. Her parents introduced Charlotte and her older sister to rock ‘n’ roll on car rides and around the house. Charlotte was inspired by everyone from Radiohead to Etta James to Celine Dion, and as a teenager she started writing her own songs for fun.