2018 REGGAE | Ammoye | | The JUNO Awards

Ammoye sings of love, life and justice, a lightworker and a soul rebel. Rooted in the Reggae music of her native Jamaica, Ammoye effortlessly glides from Reggae and Dancehall to Gospel, Soul and R&B with breathtaking ease and presence.

This now multi-award winning artist started out her career while living with her grandparents in Clarendon, Jamaica, finding solace from life’s trials and tribulations by singing in her local church choir. After choir practice, she would regale the neighborhood with her latest songs and poems from the top of the mango tree in her backyard.

In her late teens, reuniting with her mother brought her to Toronto, Canada. She quickly established herself in the community by forming the Sisters in Christ church group andthe Voices of the Underground Artist movement, leading to further involvement and collaborations in Toronto’s vibrant music scene.

2017's The Light, featuring collaborations with top Jamaican reggae talent including legends Sly Dunbar & Lenky Marsden, acclaimed song-writer Mikey Bennett and preeminent producer Donovan Germain of Penthouse Records and Natural High Music.