2018 METAL/HARD MUSIC ALBUM | Archspire | | The JUNO Awards

ARCHSPIRE exploded onto the scene in the year 2009. The band grew out of the rich progressive side of the Canadian extreme metal scene that nurtured their predecessors VOIVOD, GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY, BEYOND CREATION and more before them.

They set out to take the style to the next level, and their first two albums and tours saw them gain widespread international recognition in the technical metal community and beyond.

With their brand new album 'Relentless Mutation', ARCHSPIRE push the limits of extreme metal even further than before. 'Relentless Mutation' is supreme technical death metal colliding with the future at warp speed. The complexity and fluidity of the compositions is astonishing, and sees the ascendant band truly come into their own. 'Relentless Mutation' is the death metal record of 2017, and sees ARCHSPIRE emerge as one of the genre's apex predators.