2018 ALBUM ARTWORK | Jean-Sébastien Denis, Ian Ilavsky, Guy L'Heureux | | The JUNO Awards

Jean-Sébastien Denis received a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) in 1997. Denis has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions in Toronto, Montreal and Key West, Florida, USA. He also curated the 2010 exhibition “Dessins” at the Maison de la culture Frontenac in Montreal, and has received grants from the Counseil des arts et des letters du Quebec and the Canada Council for the Arts. Jean-Sébastien Denis currently lives and works in Montreal. Denis says he is fascinated by quantum mechanics, the world of the infinitely small that has redefined our comprehension of reality through its discovery that particles, even at infinitely great distances from each other, are precisely interconnected and intertwined. This area of physics, also known as “quantum entanglement,” is still beyond our understanding, but nevertheless offers a system, order or structure that can only invite questions about the origin and purpose of things in our universe.