20 | 2016 | CHILDREN’S ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Ginalina | | The JUNO Awards

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Ginalina is a Toronto-bred/Vancouver-based, singer-songwriter. She has performed in Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver, as well as overseas in Taiwan – the homeland of her parents. As a folk singer for the young at heart, her vision is to create excellent, enriching, and entertaining music for families to enjoy together. She has two award-winning CDs: Sandcastle Magic, and Forest Friends’ Nature Club Album; and five music videos for release in 2016.

Ginalina is also a buzzing mom to four amazing children: six, five, three, and two – and spends much time reading stories and searching for matching socks. Her favourite things include sleeping in (when it happens), making crafts like telescopes out of pool noodles, and singing in the shower. She is passionate about encouraging creativity in children, discovering beauty in the ordinary, and facilitating deeper connections between people.

The Forest Friends’ Nature Club Album, was inspired by a family commitment to regularly visit BC’s Pacific Spirit Regional Park. The 17 songs describe some meaningful observations and facts. And, because one child was home-learning at the time, this album also incorporated concepts about natural science.