2015 | Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year | Skull Fist | | The JUNO Awards

Skull Fist released their first album Head of the Pack in 2011 via Noise Art Records, Nuclear Blast, and Universal in Canada. Since the release of the first album, these maniacs toured Japan, South America, USA, Canada, Europe and Mexico – many of these shows with the biggest metal bands in the world including WASP, Megadeth, Uriah Heep, Anthrax, Sabaton and Blind Guardian. The band won the Best New Band award from international metal magazine Terrorizer in 2012 and also won the Rock the Nation award.
The second Skull Fist album Chasing the Dream was released in 2014 and sent them back out touring this entire circuit again. All of the major magazines have since featured the band and given it very positive reviews. In 2014 the band completed a European tour, a United Kingdom tour, a South American tour, and a Mexican tour.