2015 | Aboriginal Album of the Year (Sponsored by Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) | Digging Roots | | The JUNO Awards

Those of you who have been waiting for something new from Digging Roots won’t be disappointed with their latest offering – For The Light. After four years of touring Canada, the US, Europe, Mexico and Australia (including the Canadian and Norwegian Arctic), these JUNO Award winners are ready to share their new album. The creative team’s most seductive album thus far, it’s an eclectic tapestry of light and dark sound that is vintage and fresh all at once; rich with subtle references and sounds of their Indigenous roots.
For The Light is woven with a whimsical thread of idealism that love can keep the darkness at bay, with songs like the lazy summer afternoon of, “Sunshine”; or the intimate longing of “Stay”. In contrast, the song, “Hwy 17”, takes a fierce bluesy stand against the darkness in our own nature. Fans still got that Digging Roots’ signature style of unaffected optimism with their single, “I’ve Got it Bad” and their pow-wow trail anthem, “All Night”. The masterpiece, however, is the title track, “For The Light.” Sung in Anishinabemowin and English, the song forges into new sound spaces, unravelling and weaving threads of tradition onto an entirely new design.