2014 | Rap Recording of the Year | Classified | | The JUNO Awards

Classified is the Canadian MC from Enfield, NS, who has not only remained current, but improved with each disc. Revered and respected, the rapper-producer has taken Canadian hip hop music all over the world, all the while deepening his word play and sharpening his beats. Now, with his first-ever self-titled album on Half Life Records/Universal Music Canada/Atlantic Records, Classified presents the apex of his trials and tribulations of a lifetime spent in the studio, and on the road. "Inner Ninja" (4x Platinum), the album’s blazing, uplifting first single repeats its message over dirty drums and a David Myles chorus, while "New School, Old School", represents his place in the pantheon of hip hop: someone who's gone toe-to-toe with everyone from Maestro and Drake. Taken together, it’s the work of an artist in his prime. "With every album, I get better at what I do," says Classified. "I constantly try to refine myself, find new things to value, and give listeners more direction to where I’m going, but make damned sure they have a good time as they come along with me for the ride."