2014 | Jack Richardson Producer of the Year (Sponsored by Slaight Music) | Ryan Guldemond and Ben Kaplan | | The JUNO Awards

In addition to his full time job as frontman and principle songwriter for Canadian indie darlings Mother Mother, Ryan Guldemond continues to appear in the production and songwriting credits on the releases of some of Canada’s best up and coming alternative talents such as Hannah Georgas, Sidney York, Rococode and Rykka to name a few. Spending the better part of 2012 producing the fourth effort of the group he founded and has fronted since 2005, Guldemond’s abilities and talent as a songwriter and producer shine on Mother Mother’s The Sticks, which has already far exceeded the great successes achieved by the group’s earlier efforts. The album has already yielded a top three alternative/modern rock single – "Let’s Fall In Love", which has raised the high bar set by Mother Mother’s preceding Guldemond penned/produced top 10 singles, "The Stand", "Baby Don’t Dance" and "Body of Years". Guldemond’s talents have also extended to the world of television advertising, having produced and penned the jingle heard in numerous Kraft commercials airing all over the United States throughout 2012, and previously for major national advertising campaigns with SunRype and Walmart.