2014 | Adult Alternative Album of the Year | Hayden | | The JUNO Awards

Hayden is a singer-songwriter from Thornhill, Ontario. His first album, Everything I Long For, was released in 1995 on his own Hardwood Records. The album was a success and Hayden subsequently found himself in a bidding war between record labels, with an offer coming directly from Neil Young. Also in 1996, Hayden performed both nights of Neil Young's annual Bridge School Concert, and contributed the title track to the soundtrack for Steve Buscemi's film Trees Lounge. For his second album, 1998's The Closer I Get, Hayden worked with big name record producers including Steve Fisk, John Hanlon and Scott Litt. He toured North America with a band, including Josh Malinsky of Poledo and Damon Richardson of Change of Heart. In 2001, Hayden released Skyscraper National Park and in 2004, he issued his follow up, Elk Lake Serenade and toured North America with Cuff the Duke as his band. He released In Field & Town in 2008, and The Place Where We Lived in 2009. In 2010 he produced Lou Canon's debut album - his first time producing for another artist. In 2013, Hayden released his seventh full-length – Us Alone on Arts & Crafts, his first on a label besides Hardwood. It was long listed for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize.