World Music Album of the Year 2013

Alex Cuba

Ruido en el Sistema


World Music Album of the Year





Alexis Puentes (born 1974), better known by his stage name, Alex Cuba, is a Cuban-Canadian singer-songwriter who sings in Spanish and English. He has won two JUNO Awards for World Music Album of the Year; in 2006 for Humo de Tabaco, and in 2008 for his second album, Agua del Pozo. In 2010 he won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Alex Cuba is a rebel. “When it comes to creativity, I need to go to places I’ve never been before,” he says. With the wanderlust of a world traveler, the Cuban-Canadian singer-songwriter explores new sonic spaces on Ruido En El Sistema/Static in the System. Following the compass points of rock, soul, pop, and Latin-funk on his fourth album, Cuba continues his journey as a critically acclaimed independent artist who’s charted his own destiny across the world stage while earning a growing legion of devoted listeners at each new juncture. As rebels are often wont, Alex Cuba views his music as a liberating force. It’s a quality that is transmitted through the artist’s songs and has made him a fascinating exception to the staid rules of category.